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Laser Cutting


Through our company members, we provide a wide range of manufacturing capabilities (turning, milling, grinding, metal cutting, welding, etc).

From a prototype batch to a mass production sketch our machines park are equipped with the latest technologies allowing us to focus on high precision and complexity



Based on the long experience of the management teams in our different member's companies, we are able to provide a full range of industrial consultancy services. With many references achieved worldwide in different industrial sectors, we constantly update our management skills through innovative learning process.

Container Yard


Our industrial trading companies based in Switzerland, The Middle East, and South East Asia represent various renewed high-precision brands from the Swiss and German industries.

Our fully skilled process engineering team provide a wide range of service from after-sales service to a full turnkey project management

Lake Houses


With more than 20’000 sqm of rental space located in Switzerland, we are able the follow the need of our different company members.

We also support industrial construction projects worldwide acquired through our own industrial experience with our architectural team from our real estate company.

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